Monday, December 8, 2008

washcloth weekend

how does the weekend fly by so fast?! i had some big knitting plans for the weekend, then all of a sudden it was sunday night and i'd made a washcloth, hehe oops.

i decided i'm going to make my mom some flower washcloths for christmas, i managed to make one petal for that...and a cute lion washcloth for myself! it seriously killed my hands though, and i think my needles totally carved designs into each other. i don't think it helped that i was holding the yarn double-stranded, but the mane looked so much better that way! :) seeeeeeeeeee

there was also some lovely knitting at braeda on saturday and tana almost made my brain fall out of my head with her seaming, i don't get it! i need to learn her ways. she is my mr. miyagi.

ok, back to work...i leave you with my lovely little hamster, fluffaluffagus being his usually crazy self!

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