Thursday, December 11, 2008

fake yarn & fake trees

so, i have cast-on for my very first commissioned piece of knitting! i made a friend some fingerless gloves for a secret santa, and he asked me to make his wife some "dallas cowboy mittens". hmmmm. and he didn't ask me so much as just put money into my paypal. this was totally fine, and i would almost rather do them for free...because i couldn't even tell him what would be 'enough' for a pair of mittens. if you include yarn and're talking about like a $100 pair of mittens, and that's if i get minimum wage! hehe, but oh well. glad to do it!

i must admit though...i am using some faux yarn, but hey! it's machine-washable! and i couldn't figure out how to modify a star chart, so he said plain white mittens would be fine. so i decided to make some white ones, but snazz them up a bit.

this is my second time doing the chevalier mittens, and the first time they ended up being really long. so this time around i cut-out 14 rows, and that seems to be just right. since i did a little chart modifying, the cables are a little wonky in places, but it's hard to tell...

so i got one done in about 24 hours, so i'm hoping to get these sent out by this weekend, wahoo! just in time for christmas. speaking of which, i still don't have a tree! i want a tree so much, i'd even take a little charlie brown tree.

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julie said...

Hey Jess,

Are you coming to knitting tonight?