Thursday, March 18, 2010

FO: tweed birthday socks

pattern: my own

yarn: cascade 220 tweed (color 7627)

needle: sz. 5

started: march 14, 2010

finished: march 15, 2010

surprise, surprise....more socks! this cascade yarn is from the gift certificate i got for my birthday. i really love this yarn! it's not the softest yarn but its cozy and durable and will definitely keep my feet nice and warm. i want more tweed yarn! i love the little flecks.

after these socks i cast-on with some fingering weight yarn and sz. 1 needles....they feel like toothpicks! i feel like they are going to snap at any second and the socks don't go nearly as fast, but i figured i needed some socks other than worsted weight. :)

i love how i'm finishing all of these wintery/cold weather socks just as the weather gets amazing! i swear its in the 70s out there. smells like spring!

Monday, March 15, 2010

canceled flight=more knitting!

i have hands down, the WORST luck with flights. the past 3 times i've flown i've had delayed/canceled flights. ah! today i was supposed to fly back to nyc and my flight was canceled! i'm not sure why, i think it was the weather in has been pretty stormy there the past week or so. at least i didn't make it all the way to the airport this time! so, if all goes as planned i fly out tomorrow.

no work/traveling today meant a day full of knitting! woooowoooooo :) i'm working on my second tweed cascade sock and i am LOVING this yarn. it's so rustic and earthy, i want more! i also cast-on for a less conventional project....i'm making over the knee legwarmer thingies in some sport weight baby yarn.

i don't normally knit with baby yarn, but i really liked the bright colors. i thought i'd mix it up! i'm not sure if i'm liking how it is knitting up....we shall see!

all of this knitting has made me feel kind of lazy. i'm excited to get back to the city and get my yoga on and dare i say.....walk around. ah! normally i'm complaining about all the walking i have to do in the city, but i miss it! i need to get my butt moving. :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

FO: dayglo toes

pattern: my own

yarn: patons classic wool merino in mercury and lemon-grass

needle: sz. 5

started: march 11, 2010

finished: march 14, 2010

for these socks, i used my inros and kabukis as a jumping off point. in other words, i pretty much just cast-on what those patterns called for and knit in plain stockinette the whole way! :) easy peasy. i cast-on 42 stitches and after 3 inches decreased to 40 stitches. super fast, super easy.

i got a gift card to the yarn store here in lincoln, and found out that i only had a couple hours to go use it! (they are closed on sundays and i leave on monday!) so i hightailed it over there, nothing like 'having' to spend money at a yarn store. i could have been there forever, i kept picking up things and putting back...i just couldn't decide!

i eventually settled on two different sock yarns and some tweed cascade. i only went over my gift card by 48 cents, not bad! i had my eye on this super bright yellow sock yarn for a while, so i figured it had to be mine! i'm sensing a pattern here with the crazy neon yellow....i love it! also got some misti alpaca sock yarn, soooooooo squishy soft and then some nice rustic tweed cascade (which will probably also be socks).

this has been a very productive week in terms of my knitting, i think i cast-off 3 different projects....wha! that's crazy. nothing like getting away from the craziness of the city to get some quality knitting done. :) i head back tomorrow, and i must say, i miss it! i heard it has been raining like crazy though....definitely glad i missed that.

when i get back it is going to be right back into the craziness, i have lots of work to catch up on, class to take and an apartment to find! i'm moving in with a dear, dear friend of mine, and we have until april 1st to get a place. ah!!! nothing like trying to find an apartment in nyc to get your heart going. but the idea of living with a friend is so exciting, its been a long time coming. i finally feel like i'll be living in my own house instead of someone else's! can't wait.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


i had a great birthday today! 26 feels just like 25 but with more yarn hehe. i've had a great day and i'm full of cake and ready to lay around and knit. xo!

Friday, March 12, 2010

FO: kabukis and how i love stuffed animals

pattern: kabukis

yarn: patons classic wool merino in dark grey mix

needle: sz. 5

started: march 7, 2010

finished: march 10, 2010

more socks! i'm on a roll. i knit most of the second one at knitting group. :) aaaaaaaaaaah, knitting group. it was so nice to see all my lovely friends. i wish i could bring them to ny with me!

these socks are definitely nice and cozy. i kind of wish they were a bit longer, and i think the pattern gets a little lost, like it was more complicated then it needed to be. i really want to make my own sock patterns, but figuring out stitches per inch and all that business makes my head hurt! i just want a nice pair of worsted weight knee socks, is that so much to ask!


soooooooo, i have this an undying love for stuffed animals. i still sleep with one! and at the ripe old age of 25 (26 tomorrow!) i love them just as much as i did when i was a little one. so when i find these bigs ones, it takes all my willpower to not take it home. i'm also a sucker for animal ear headbands. i recently bought a panda headband at a museum gift shop. these bunny ears will be perfect for easter!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

FOs: inros & darkside cowl

pattern: inro

yarn: knit picks wool of the andes in blackberry

needle: sz. 5

started: march 2, 2010

finished: march 5, 2010

i love me some cozy socks! mainly because they knit up so fast, hehe. i'm really happy with my newest knitting book. especially since i usually buy a knitting and book and never end up knitting anything from it! knitting socks east and west has alot of worsted weight patterns, so it's right up my alley.

i really cut it close with these socks though, look at how much yarn i had left over! i had just enough to kitchener the toe. talk about living on the edge. ;)

and also...

pattern: darkside cowl

yarn: vanna's choice (forgot the colorway)

needle: sz. 7

started: few months ago

finished: march 8, 2010

i was asked to make this cowl a few months ago, the recipient was very specific about the color they wanted and i could only find it in vanna's choice. usually i am not a big fan of arcylic yarn, but this wasn't so bad to knit with. it is actually kind of squishy soft! and you cannot beat machine washable. a tad bit squeaky when knit with, but i think it turned out pretty nicely! if i do say so myself.

on a very exciting note....i'm going to knitting group tonight! ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so happy. i'm visiting nebraska for my birthday, a nice little getaway from the craziness of the city/work. it was a bit of a time getting here, my flight was almost canceled due to a problem with the plane and after waiting around for a 3 hour delay they finally said we could board! at that very moment, the power went out at the airport. what the?! how is that even possible? we eventually got on the plane and hightailed it out of nyc. phew! i'm really excited to see all my knitting gals, love them.

Friday, March 5, 2010

birthday wishes

so, i am a little bit crazy about birthdays. I LOVE THEM!!!!! your's, mine, doesn't matter. :) today is actually my friend francesca's bday (happy birthday francesca!!!!!) in the spirit of birthdays...i wanted to make a teeny tiny post about things that i love. birthday wishes if you will! i like to buy myself something really nice for my birthday every year, guilt free. here are a few ideas. hehe
i have had my eye on this quilt from anthropologie for quite some time. if their prices weren't sky high i would have gotten it already! so instead, i dream. i'm moving soon (very soon) and would love to do a total overhaul of my room. this would be the perfect place to start if you ask me!
i pretty much love everything in creative thursday's etsy shop. everything is so adorable. i want them all!
i would love to frame these cards and put them up in my new room. aren't they cool???
ahhhhh! when i saw this necklace i fell in love. and it's called the frida necklace, i mean come on. at first it looks like there is maybe a piece of lace or paper between glass but it's actually hand-painted. beautiful!
i need these earrings. i must have these earrings. my hair is so crazy and long, i think the feathers would fit in quite nicely! :) they are a bit on the pricey side....but it's my birthday!!!! hehe
and last but definitely not least, my favorite perfume of all time. stellaaaaaaaaaaaa! i love thee.
so, those are just a few things that i love. what do you want for your bday?!?!?!?

Monday, March 1, 2010

FO: byrd hat & ny love

pattern: star crossed slouchy beret

yarn: patons classic wool merino

needle: sz. 9 & sz. 11

started: Feb. 26, 2010

finished: Feb. 28, 2010

another cast-off hat! modeled by my lovely friend and coworker sarah. nothing new to really post about this hat, besides the fact that i know it better than the back of my hand. :)

and in new york news.....reason #23,894 i love this city, random street art! made of sand! came across this guy at union square...