Wednesday, February 25, 2009

(5)2 books in 52 weeks...

knitting has totally taken every free moment i have, even the ones that used to belong to reading! oh how i miss reading. i have been practicing my 'knitting without looking' skills and i am getting much better! i even bought a little thing that holds my book open for me, love it! so i'm hoping with these powers combined.....i shall become a knitting/reading fool. i recently joined the '52 books in 52 weeks' group on ravelry for some motivation. i think i'd be more of a 25 books in 52 weeks, if i really get in gear!

so i went to the library (paid my $10 late fee, oops) and checked out this bad boy:

Hurry Down Sunshine, by Michael Greenberg

i'm reading during some 'down time' at work.....don't tell. i'm only 20 pages in, and so far i know it is about the mental breakdown of the author's young daughter...we'll see how it goes! and we'll see how many rows i have to rip back by knitting and reading ;)

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Team Knit ! said...

That's so funny, I just reserved it at my local library, too! I've heard really great things about it.

- Julie