Wednesday, February 18, 2009

sweet relief!

i have this horrible habit of ordering yarn and then when it arrives i have NO idea what project it was intended for. o.m.g. i received 6 skeins of shine sport in harbor about a month ago, and it is lovely. but first of all, i can't remember the last time i have knit with sport weight, and about 600 yards of it?! oh my. so it's been sitting there, staring back at me, and i have finally remembered what it was for, weeeeee!

i had some BIG plans for that yarn! well, not's for a shurg, the shoulderette shrug to be exact. and i am glad that i am documenting that fact here and now, because you know i'll forget! ;)

i love the versions i've seen on ravelry that are drapey, very cute. i'm itching to cast-on, i think because i just finished two smaller projects, and let's face it, i always want to cast-on. i finished that scarf/hood/thing, and another itty bitty project that has yet to be revealed! *wink face*

the shoulderette will be the mini version of the pimlico shrug i am working on, which is taking its sweet time. i think i'll cast-on tonight at knitting! and tonight is sarah's baby shower! so, yay. :)

pics to come later!..........


Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

ah sorry about the no show....i promise i had a good reason!!

Jess said...

aww don't worry about it! ;) take care, can't wait to see you!