Wednesday, February 4, 2009

to-do lists gone wild

so you know how yesterday i mentioned i already started knitting my mom's christmas present? i forgot to mention i have already started a list of what i want to knit everyone (immediate family & friends) for christmas AND birthdays this year. i have an (un)healthy obsession with to-do/to-knit lists. i have started writing down ideas for projects and yarns that i would like to use. now, don't let this fool you, i have never done this before. i'm usually trying to bust something out two days before christmas, but this year will be different! (uh huh.) so here is what i have in mind so far:

mom-moderne log cabin blanket. started!



adam(brother)-guitar strap

bf's mom-?

bf's dad-log cabin socks

grandma-hemlock ring blanket

grandpa-felted clogs

dad-felted clogs

bestfriend-hemlock ring blanket

grandpa-log cabin socks

grandma-felted clogs



so that's a pretty rough idea...and you can see the trouble i am trying to get myself into. ;) i'll update this as i go! but this list is me shooting for the stars! wahoo! and here's a preview of what my mom's blanket will look like...kind of... :)

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