Wednesday, February 11, 2009

scarf from H-E-double hockey sticks know what i'm talkin' about! i am knitting the scarf from hades!!!! it is such a nightmare, after my dad's christmas scarf i thought i was going to put scarves behind me! but oh no, i had to be lured in by someone offering $. aahhhhh! i am such a sucker for the almighty dollar. anywhos, i am knitting the heelhead scarf for a friend's wife, it's basically just a scarf with a hood. sounds simple enough...but i have had to rip back at least 3 times. i think its because i went from my nice, easy, soothing garter stitch blanket, to having to pay attention and count every single row. i have 5 blocks done on the moderne log blanket, and am on my 'june' block. but i set it aside to get this scarf done...even though we are entering some nice weather (hopefully!).

well here is the scarf in question...if you see it on the streets, watch out. i mean, just look at those horns! and that arrow....aka tail, hehehehe.


Christy said...

I hate scarves. I feel your pain.

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

haha, I love the devil additions!