Tuesday, April 21, 2009

acrylic hurts my teeth

finally! i have finished the cowl my mom asked for around christmas time. i knew it wouldn't take long (a few days) but still, i kept putting off. do you ever have those projects looming and it's almost painful to cast-on for them. i think in this case, it was the acrylic. ooooooooh the acrylic. my mom picked out the yarn herself, it was just the color she wanted! and not being a knitter, i don't think she cared if it was wool/acrylic/dog hair. and no joke, knitting with acrylic hurts my teeth! it's like nails on a chalkboard or biting ice cream. yikes. but it came out really nicely! it's very springy and squishy. thanks vanna!


and wouldn't ya know, i sold a hat on twitter! well, kind of. i had a picture of a cowl on my head and someone asked if i could make them a beanie! i was happy to oblige. they actually wanted the above cowl to be made into a hat....but being that i do not like to stray one STITCH from a pattern, i just picked a different hat. :) and i think i just found what my dad and brothers are going to be getting for christmas. the brother-in-law hat! you can't go wrong, and if i do it in wool of the andes that's 3 presents for $6!!!!! ooooh yeeeeeeah.

i really like the basketweave, and attached is a tag i bought from a friend's etsy shop! so cute!


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Roosdorentje said...

Me too.. I really really hate knitting with acrylic yarn!