Saturday, April 11, 2009

i've been busy

finally! got some pics while the sun was out, whatwhaaaaat! wow, take a look at that grass, or on second thought, don't! so i haven't weaved the ends in yet, but here they are! i love them, except.....they don't stay up :( i'm going to have to add some elastic or something to the top. they are very cozy just not snug enough, and they are a little too big around the knee.


and here is what happens after i walk a few steps. eeek!

those ends will hopefully be weaved in within the year ;) hehe. in more dyeing news, i have a few more skeins dyed! and already sold one and it isn't even dry yet! :D

here is wonderland...

and lolly...

folks, i have discovered the art of sprinkle dyeing and i LOVE it. there is no turning back! i want to order my weight in bare yarn, good thing i just got my tax return wahoo! ok, i feel itchy to go dye some more...have a happy holiday weekend!



Chimera Crochet said...

Do you think it's easier to select colors and dye, since you are a knitter? Or is it all pretty random?

Jess said...

i think it's pretty random, i just did some orange/yellow stuff that turned out how so hot, it's pretty hit or miss at least for me :)