Thursday, April 2, 2009

better together

these babies are flying. i decided to make them matching, and i think they are coming out quite nicely. They are a little baggy around the knee, so i think i'll keep that in mind for the next pair (oh yes, more to come!) i stopped doing socks a few months ago and had no interest in really picking them back up...until now! the sock bug has gotten me again, but this time i'm all about the knee socks and thigh highs. just in time for summer! ;)

i'm also having so much fun dyeing lately, i think i'm going to order some more bare yarn to keep myself occupied in the kitchen. i can honestly say i use the kitchen more for dyeing than for cooking.

here's the progress on the thigh highs...



Chimera Crochet said...

I can't believe they match so well?!? I thought you were using scraps to make them.

Jess said...

i am! all scraps :) and it's not even making a dent! ahgeez

Team Knit ! said...

Those are seriously awesome thigh highs!! I can't wait to see the FO, I've been wondering about a toasty pair of knitted leggings (or legging like things!)

- Julie