Thursday, April 30, 2009

so soon

this isn't a knitting post so much as it's a omgimmovinginamonth post. aaahhhhh! so in exactly one month i will be returning to nyc. i've been living in lincoln, ne for a little under a year, i moved here because i was so sick of the city and lincoln is where my boyfriend is from. the best way i can describe it is nyc was this irritating friend/boyfriend that after 6 years i had just had enough of. so loud, rude, dirty, takes all my money....but now i am crawling back. nyc, please take me back?! i made a mistake! we needed that break to really see that what we had was special.

while i am so excited to get back, i'm also really sad to leave lincoln. my boyfriend won't be moving with me when i do, probably a few months after. we've done long distance before, but it is just the worst thing ever. and i have become increasingly emotional over the years, so i fear for the breakdown i will probably have on the plane from ne to nyc. i've even had friends volunteer to fly over just to go back with me...they know my nuttiness. another reason why i love them! i've also met some lovely ladies here by joining my first knitting group! i feel very lucky to have met them.

i'm so excited to get back to nyc for all the same reasons i was ready to leave it. i miss the crazies, the walking, the weather, everything! even the subway....kinda. i don't have a job lined up quite yet (yikes!) but i will be returning part-time to the yoga studio i worked at before i left. i miss my yoga peeps so much. i can't even!!! i know i'll miss alot about being here, there is just a normal way of life here that you NEVER get in the city. and while i think that is what i want eventually, right now i feel like i need the energy of the city. i feel like i just learn so much living there, just walking down the street.

i'm just so scared that the transition will be really hard. i don't take change well at all, and yet i feel like it's all i do, movemovemove changechangechange. ooooh well. gotta do it while i'm young(ish)!

here are a few pics of my nyc self, relaxing in central park...this is one of the rare moments where there is actually nature around, such a novelty! ;)

and here is me so ready to leave nyc. this is how i felt taking the subway all the time haha i look crazy!!! i guess i fit in ;)


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Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

Oh! I miss you already! I am going to try my darndest (is that even a word? It is here in Nebraska...:) to come every week until you leave to give you a proper send-off!!
PS-love teh jazz hands, made me think of MJ style :) hahha