Friday, April 3, 2009

so good i could eat it

behold, my newest creation. i bring to you.....Caliente Creamsicle!!!!! i quite like how this turned out, i just kind of played around with the dye and tried my best to get the colors to blend. i'm still pretty new/inexperienced at this dying thing. i don't really pay toooooooooo much attention to the yarn/dye/vinegar ratio, but i think that's what makes it fun! and unique. the deepest color is a burnt orange and the lightest reminds me of those flinstone's push-pops (yummmmmm!) i'm going to put it up on etsy and see if there are any takers, but if not i can see some knee highs in this yarn's future. :)

up close and personal...

can't ya just smell it?!

p.s. i talked to my mom last night and she was wondering if i ever knit her that cowl and that pair of evangeline's i told her i would around xmas. oops. sorry mom! i'm going to get right on that....seriously.

on a side note...The Supreme Court in my neighbor to the east, Iowa, just ruled today that gay marriage is and will be legal in the state!!!!!!!!!! awesome.



Christy said...

Love the name! It looks great.

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

sweet! Do you just buy undyed yarn on the internet or something?
I love yoru knee-highs. They are leg-warmers, though, no? Or are they actually socks?

Jess said...

yeah, i just bought some bare yarn and went to town! they have stirrup things on the bottom, but i would say they are more legwarmers. :)