Sunday, June 14, 2009

back in the groove

yesterday i took to the park and did some solo knitting in public. it was the perfect weather for knitting outside, not too hot or humid. and i was using arcylic so you know if my hands were even a little hot, i wouldn't have been able to touch it! yuck. sadly, i didn't see anyone else knitting in public! i hardly ever do...oh swells.

i always think people give me the funniest looks when i take pictures of my knitting. like that's the craziest thing they've seen all day! doubt it! ;)

and last night during a marathon tv watching session, i finished this pair of mitts! i only have one more pair for the girls' xmas gifts. the last pair i have to do is for my 6 yr. old cousin. i've been thinking about just leaving out one of the cable sections, so there will only be two and also making them shorter. does that sound about right? in my head, i'm picturing 6 yr. old hands to be teeny tiny.

it feels good to be gettin' my knit back on! whenever i don't knit for a week or so, i get scared that i'll pick it back up and totally forget everything i knew...i know, i'm nuts! :)


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