Sunday, June 21, 2009

the far off land of........queens!

before heading to queens patrice and i refueled with some coffee and pistachio cake, yummmmm. it was just so good i had to include it. hehe.

when then ventured up to queens in search of the nearest michael's. i thought for sure i would get lost (that tends to happen when i leave my borough). lucky for me, patrice knew where she was going and finding it was easy peasy!

it's so funny that no matter where you go...every michael's smells the same inside. weeeeeird. i picked out some yarn for william's 1st birthday present. i'm starting early though, his birthday isn't until october 1st. i'm going to use the cotton-ease to make trellis. or at least that's the plan! :)
i also got some lion brand baby soft for a cowl for my friend, cole. another birthday present! i have until august for this one. the stuffing is for the little dog toy and the best find of all....3D dinosaur puzzles!!! so cool. i have wanted these forever. i'm such a 12 yr. old boy, i love me some dinosaurs. :)

patrice is also going to get her craft on, she got a little kitten to embroider. lol. when she's done i want to buy it from her. it will be a collector's item for sure.


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susannahbean said...

Dinosaurs are awesome, I love those puzzles! I really want to start embroidering, I should check out those kits at Michaels!