Monday, June 22, 2009

purling ftw

last night i cast-on for cole's birthday cowl with some lion brand baby soft. the yarn is really soft, it's a finer gauge than i'm used to but i really like it so far. the pattern is the aspen neck cowl. the pattern is basically just purling, purling and more purling. and since i've gotten so much better at purling without looking, i'm really loving working on it.

i was inspired by traceynicole's version. i wanted to go with white/cream though, since i never really use it and i also think it will look really great on cole. :)

casting-on was a bit rough because i pulled from the center of the ball and look what came out! what the?!?!?! knots. my WORST enemy. so instead of taking the time to get them out...i cut it. lol, i think i need to learn some patience. oh well, i doubt i'll need that much anyways. :)

tonight patrice and i are going to the etsy craft night to learn how to make lip balm! oooh yeeeah, i'm excited.


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Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

uh oh. That is a cornhusker shirt!!
(seriously, you left at a good time, the month of june has been HORRID and HUMID--heat index of 107!!)