Saturday, June 6, 2009

renegade craft fair part one

this afternoon i mosied on over to the renegade craft fair. there was such great stuff. i browsed for about an hour, and guess what, i didn't have any cash on me! ah!!! it's probably a good thing, because i would have spent way too much. you know you're not thinkin' straight when a $15 bar of soap seems like a good deal. mhmmmmm. i think i'm going to go back tomorrow with some cash...not alot! and if i still have my heart set on something, i'm getting it! :) yay.

i am so bad at discretely taking pictures in public. i'm all, who's looking!

and wouldn't ya know? i found a crocheted (i think) elephant...knitting!

i found this gem...i want it! and this is an example of me quick taking a picture. :) if you can't read it, it says, "what would liz lemon do" hehe.

this cracked me up, because i look JUST LIKE those people! haha. i get my headphones tangled about 100 times a day. this was cracking me up.

hey, i know you!

i'll post what goodies i get tomorrow!


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