Wednesday, June 17, 2009

spotted on the L train!

just when i mention that i never see anyone knitting in public...i spot one! on my way to check out a new apt. (the search begins!) i spotted this lovely lady knitting what looked like a purple garter stitch scarf. of course i didn't have my knitting with me, so i couldn't go, "hey! me too!" oh swells, next time. ;)

sorry about the camera phone quality.

p.s i might have some exciting news soon.....send those good vibes my way!!! :)



Nutty Knitter said...

~~~~(good vibe waves)~~~~~(good vibe waves)~~~~~~


Team Knit ! said...

I love it when I see people knitting on transit! But I find I only see them when I don't have my knitting, and it drives me nuts....

- Julie