Thursday, June 11, 2009

reunited and it didn't feel so good

i have finally been reunited with all of my yarn! wahoooooooooo! the only problem was getting it from the post office to my apartment. i knew it was going to be a pain, literally. i really need to invest in one of those granny carts!

the post office is always an interesting/dangerous time. i completely understand why they have 5 ft. thick bulletproof glass. and i had such an unpleasant surprise! the really mean lady who used to work at my old post office (in a totally different neighborhood) is now working at this one!!! what the?!?!?! i shoulda known.

anywhos, i got my boxes and i came prepared....kinda. i had a backpack and a bag to stuff yarn into knowing the boxes would just be awkward to carry. but i ended up having to carry the bigger box. my arms are going to be so sore tomorrow. if i keep getting packages, i'm going to be so buff! here is what i had to carry about 7 blocks...aka my cardio for the day. ;)


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