Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i'm missin' you like candy

i had a fantabulous day, i ran alot of errands and had a great yoga class. i'm sure tomorrow i'm gonna feel it. :) in some knitting news, i brought my dashing to union square and knit a few rows before my hands got really hot and i could knit no more.

and take a look what happens just about everytime i stick my knitting in my bag....aaaaaaaaaaaah!

needles are flyin' all over the place! i don't think i'll ever learn. thankfully i was able to pick up all the stitches. phew.

ok. onto some more exciting news!!! i have some very vip friends and tonight i got to go hang-out with mandy moore. and by hang-out i mean watch her sing. :) hehe. she has a new cd coming out, and my lovely friend patrice invited me to go enjoy some mandy for the evening. the last time i saw mandy, she was coming out of a starbucks awhile back....she's all grown up now! she has left her candy days behind, that is for sure. i really like her new tunes, very sweet and catchy. she was really cute, and we had a nice time...besides the drink patrice had that tasted like armpits, yikes!

go mandy, go mandy, go!

feelin' it

cute as a button!

tomorrow is my first day back at work at the yoga studio! so, i have to get some rest. i have to get all geared up to walk around barefoot and light some incense. ;)



Team Knit ! said...

I keep my stitches on my dpns by wrapping some of the yarn around the ends of the needles, in a figure 8 arrangement- helps keep the stitches from sliding off in my purse! Now if only I could stop puncturing the inside of my purses with those pointy tipped dpns....

- Julie

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

wow, in NYC for less than a week and you're already seeing celebrities!
I think she came to omaha...once...


susannahbean said...

I use rubber bands to keep my dpn's together...

Mandy Moore is so cute... Isn't she married to Ryan Adams now? Weird combo...