Thursday, June 4, 2009

the destroyer

i got up today and took a little stroll around the neighborhood. i must say, it is hipsterville, but there are alot of cute shops and restaurants! then i went to the park and realized i had gone way too far on my dashings. :( boo. i'm following the pattern exactly, but i never did a gauge swatch so it's probably my fault. the gloves were so long! almost to my elbow long! ooooops. so i had to rip back. i hate ripping! but they are going to look so much better, shorter. oh swells.

it took me about 20 min. of walking around the park until i finally found a spot to sit. the park was hoppin' today! i got a not so hot seat across from the dog park thingy....stinky!!! oh well. :)

i only packed about 3 projects to bring with me to nyc, and all of my yarn stash is en route to me as we speak. please don't fail me now usps!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait to be reunited with it.

i worked at the yoga studio today, and it's so nice to see all of those familiar faces! i loved it. it was so funny because i can't tell you how many people commented on my hair. it reminds me that i REALLY need to do something with it. i haven't had a hair-cut in over a year i think, yikes! also, i have had my hair japanese straightened, because my hair is crazy curly naturally and i couldn't stand it! but it is starting to grow out.

today i heard that i look like kali, that my hair looks like the ganges and also that it looks like i have dreads (i guess that's what happens when you're surrounded by yogis) :). hehe. now, i wish i had the cojones for real dreads, that would be awesome. but i know i'm not cool enough for that. here is what the insanity on the top of my head is looking like...beware!

see the kali resemblance?! ;)


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susannahbean said...

I'm desperate for a haircut too... I think I've had two in the last three years and they both were pretty bad!