Tuesday, June 30, 2009

FO: camera cozy

pattern: camera sock

yarn: koigu painter's palette premium merino (in my opinion, the weirdest sock yarn name)

needle: sz. 0

started: june 29, 2009

finished: june 30, 2009

i couldn't get a good picture of the case in use, because i had to use my camera! :) so, my phone had to do the trick. now my camera is nice and safe when i throw it into my bag. yay!


Monday, June 29, 2009


apparently, i can't stop casting-on or making random/multiple blog posts a day! i need help! or not. :)
this pretty much sums up my night...



baby knitting

i've started knitting william's birthday sweater! i didn't realize how complicated of a pattern trellis is (at least for me!). i'm not used to having to check the chart for every. single. stitch. there were a couple rows there that i had to knit and reknit for almost an hour. yeah, i had to set the needles aside, before someone got hurt.

but now, i'm on a roll! i absolutely love cotton-ease. although, i think it's a bit rough on my hands, i just love working with it.

i'm beginning to see a bit of the pattern...

i've put my blanket knitting aside, i'm all about the portable projects lately. :)

in other news, i've been looking at apartments, since my sublet is done around the middle of july i thought it was about that time. looking at places is....interesting. it's hard to get a roomie/apartment/location/price you like. some of those things definitely have to be compromised. with me, location is the first to be compromised, i'd rather live with someone semi-normal for not a million dollars than in the most convenient neighborhood! ;) tomorrow i am seeing a couple places. cross your fingers!


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009


pattern: ribbed lip balm holder

yarn: fannie's farmhouse fingering weight

needle: sz. 0

started: june 26, 2009

finished: june 26, 2009

super-fast knit, i think i did it in about an hour. :) it's so cute! and a great way to use up left-over sock yarn.

and look what i found today on the subway platform! what do we have heeeeeeereeeeeee...

someone lost their ravelry button! i took it as a sign...ravelry is always with me, even when i'm not logged in. ;)


Thursday, June 25, 2009

white hot

pattern: aspen neck cowl

yarn: Lion Brand Baby Soft Solid

needle: sz. 6

started: june 21, 2009

finished: june 25, 2009

tried it out on my head...snazzy! ;)

p.s i took these pics in the bathroom at yoga, the pink walls kind of tinted the cowl...it's wintery white! :)


the winner is....

ASHLEY! comment #4.:) this giveaway thing makes me so excited...can one have a blog of all giveaways?! is it possible?! i'd like to do it! hehe. thank you all for particitipating!

ok, knitting news to come soon.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

aspen cowl update

i'm loving this cowl so far. i have 3 more purl sections to do, then finito! i love how scrunchy it's doing to be. now i'm just trying to figure out what color i want mine to be. :)

and is acrylic blockable?


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

salon knitting

i spent about 5 hours of quality knitting today while i got my hair done. yes, 5 hours! ahhh!!! so, i have had my hair japanese straightened before and it was majorly grown out (as you might have seen) and it's such a time consuming and expensive process that i always put off redoing it for so long. until today! i actually went in for a consultation and ended up getting the whole process done.
i had been debating letting my hair just grow out and be curly...but it was just too much! my hair is like a crazy huge heater, and it just feels so much better straight.
i'm so glad i brought my knitting along, i think i finished about 3/4 of cole's bday cowl.
here is the before pic with my knitting...i always look like i just woke up! :)

and here is the after...it's SUPER super straight for the first week or so, then it gets less plastered to my head.

the hairstylist wanted to take an after picture too, hehe.

both my head and wallet are alot lighter...but i'm glad i finally did it. :)


Monday, June 22, 2009


after getting lost and caught in the rain, i finally found the etsy lab! patrice and i learned how to make lip balm...and it's so much easier than i thought. there were quite a few people gettin' there lip balm on as well...

all you do is heat the base, we used a vegan base made of castor oil, palm kernel oil, avovado oil, coconut oil, aloe extract, carnauba wax, and candelilla wax. we decided to spice it up with coconut and vanilla flavors.

after it was mixed we just put it all in the tubes, let it cool...

put on the caps...

put on the cute little etsy labels...

and use liberally! :)

i was able to grab a couple on the way out, and i'm going to have my first giveaway! wahoooooooooooo! you too can enjoy your very own lip balm made with love by little ol' me! :) just leave a comment and i'll pick one on thursday...as i was typing that i thought, 'what if nobody comments?!' sarah and lisa, you better comment so i don't look like a dork! ;)

ok, so comment before thursday at 5pm and we'll see who will have silky smooth lips in no time!


purling ftw

last night i cast-on for cole's birthday cowl with some lion brand baby soft. the yarn is really soft, it's a finer gauge than i'm used to but i really like it so far. the pattern is the aspen neck cowl. the pattern is basically just purling, purling and more purling. and since i've gotten so much better at purling without looking, i'm really loving working on it.

i was inspired by traceynicole's version. i wanted to go with white/cream though, since i never really use it and i also think it will look really great on cole. :)

casting-on was a bit rough because i pulled from the center of the ball and look what came out! what the?!?!?! knots. my WORST enemy. so instead of taking the time to get them out...i cut it. lol, i think i need to learn some patience. oh well, i doubt i'll need that much anyways. :)

tonight patrice and i are going to the etsy craft night to learn how to make lip balm! oooh yeeeah, i'm excited.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

the far off land of........queens!

before heading to queens patrice and i refueled with some coffee and pistachio cake, yummmmm. it was just so good i had to include it. hehe.

when then ventured up to queens in search of the nearest michael's. i thought for sure i would get lost (that tends to happen when i leave my borough). lucky for me, patrice knew where she was going and finding it was easy peasy!

it's so funny that no matter where you go...every michael's smells the same inside. weeeeeird. i picked out some yarn for william's 1st birthday present. i'm starting early though, his birthday isn't until october 1st. i'm going to use the cotton-ease to make trellis. or at least that's the plan! :)
i also got some lion brand baby soft for a cowl for my friend, cole. another birthday present! i have until august for this one. the stuffing is for the little dog toy and the best find of all....3D dinosaur puzzles!!! so cool. i have wanted these forever. i'm such a 12 yr. old boy, i love me some dinosaurs. :)

patrice is also going to get her craft on, she got a little kitten to embroider. lol. when she's done i want to buy it from her. it will be a collector's item for sure.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

bloggers in the wild

in the past two weeks i have seen two bloggers out and about! i'm tempted to run up to them and be all 'hey! i know you!' but in an effort to not seem like a total crazy person, i pretend i don't know them. ;)

still, it makes my day!!! i don't know if they would prefer i say hi or not? anywhos...so far i have seen carrie, emma and jenny!

p.s james was at the gym again today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, i'll stop. :)


Friday, June 19, 2009

operation beautiful

i first heard about operation beatiful from jenna over at eatliverun. i think it's such a sweet idea. i decided to do my own little version...operation loooooooooooooove! :) i left this at a subway stop. and i realized it's pretty hard to do something discretely in this city. ;)

and from afar...

of course!!!

so, this morning i decide to drag myself to the gym before work. i haven't been to the gym in....too long! i go to a kind of crappier gym, it's 24 hrs. and pretty cheap, and it's only weight lifter guys so the ellipticals are always open. :)

so i'm minding my own business on the elliptical, all gross and sweaty....and he walks in....

oh yes, james franco. and me of course, in all my working-out glory.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

yes, i'm a tween

i love taylor swift! there! i said it. and my love for her grows daily, especially after this. :)

and she gives a knitting shout-out! whatwhaaaaaaaaaaaat.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

spotted on the L train!

just when i mention that i never see anyone knitting in public...i spot one! on my way to check out a new apt. (the search begins!) i spotted this lovely lady knitting what looked like a purple garter stitch scarf. of course i didn't have my knitting with me, so i couldn't go, "hey! me too!" oh swells, next time. ;)

sorry about the camera phone quality.

p.s i might have some exciting news soon.....send those good vibes my way!!! :)


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

very productive

how my night started...
how it ended!

my bf has been bugging me to make a little toy for his dog, and i managed to whip one up in one night! the toy is a sibling of bob the blob that i made for baby will. and of course i knit with a little help from the food network of course.... :)

i still have to fill it and put the face on, but pishposh, i'm counting this one as done!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

back in the groove

yesterday i took to the park and did some solo knitting in public. it was the perfect weather for knitting outside, not too hot or humid. and i was using arcylic so you know if my hands were even a little hot, i wouldn't have been able to touch it! yuck. sadly, i didn't see anyone else knitting in public! i hardly ever do...oh swells.

i always think people give me the funniest looks when i take pictures of my knitting. like that's the craziest thing they've seen all day! doubt it! ;)

and last night during a marathon tv watching session, i finished this pair of mitts! i only have one more pair for the girls' xmas gifts. the last pair i have to do is for my 6 yr. old cousin. i've been thinking about just leaving out one of the cable sections, so there will only be two and also making them shorter. does that sound about right? in my head, i'm picturing 6 yr. old hands to be teeny tiny.

it feels good to be gettin' my knit back on! whenever i don't knit for a week or so, i get scared that i'll pick it back up and totally forget everything i knew...i know, i'm nuts! :)


Saturday, June 13, 2009

quality knitting time

happy wwkip day! i had plans to go to central park and meet-up with a group that's knitting up there...but i'm so lazy! i might just take to the streets and knit in public by myself. :)

i have been getting in some quality knitting time lately though! i'm housesitting for a friend and for some reason, cable and knitting go together oh so perfectly. hehe. i have been enjoying all the bridezillas i can possibly stand, it's been lovely. i'm about halfway done with the 4th panel of my brother's graduation blanket. he graduates in exactly one week!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! i just realized that, hmm. well, he may be getting this gift a wee bit late. oops. :)


Thursday, June 11, 2009

reunited and it didn't feel so good

i have finally been reunited with all of my yarn! wahoooooooooo! the only problem was getting it from the post office to my apartment. i knew it was going to be a pain, literally. i really need to invest in one of those granny carts!

the post office is always an interesting/dangerous time. i completely understand why they have 5 ft. thick bulletproof glass. and i had such an unpleasant surprise! the really mean lady who used to work at my old post office (in a totally different neighborhood) is now working at this one!!! what the?!?!?! i shoulda known.

anywhos, i got my boxes and i came prepared....kinda. i had a backpack and a bag to stuff yarn into knowing the boxes would just be awkward to carry. but i ended up having to carry the bigger box. my arms are going to be so sore tomorrow. if i keep getting packages, i'm going to be so buff! here is what i had to carry about 7 blocks...aka my cardio for the day. ;)


Monday, June 8, 2009

om 1, knit 2

i got a change to work on my dashing between work and class...i can't believe it's taking me so long to finish one mitten! the knitting machine days are long gone. ;) good thing the studio has the perfect little knitting spot.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

paper fans & parks

i went back to the fair and managed to walk away without breaking the bank at all! i only bought a cool paper fan (comes in handy so much, trust me!) and some yummy soap! there was a ton of cool stuff, but money is tight these days so i had to show some self-control. :)

then i went to a bday party in the park, it was good times. i think i'm finally getting some sun, yay!!! and since i went there with my friend patrice, i didn't wander around the park for an hour before i found them...like last time. hehe

i can't believe i've been here a week already! it's been great so far...and i even saw this today! they must have seen me comin'. ;)


Saturday, June 6, 2009

jai ma

tonight i worked a kirtan at the yoga studio. it was led by a teacher from the studio who moved to teach at the san fran location. it was great, lots of yogis, lots of looooove. i'm so exhausted! but the good kind of exhausted. :)

my knitting has totally been on the backburner lately. it makes me sad! i don't know if it's because i'm so busy or because it's so hot. but i promise to get it going soon!



renegade craft fair part one

this afternoon i mosied on over to the renegade craft fair. there was such great stuff. i browsed for about an hour, and guess what, i didn't have any cash on me! ah!!! it's probably a good thing, because i would have spent way too much. you know you're not thinkin' straight when a $15 bar of soap seems like a good deal. mhmmmmm. i think i'm going to go back tomorrow with some cash...not alot! and if i still have my heart set on something, i'm getting it! :) yay.

i am so bad at discretely taking pictures in public. i'm all, who's looking!

and wouldn't ya know? i found a crocheted (i think) elephant...knitting!

i found this gem...i want it! and this is an example of me quick taking a picture. :) if you can't read it, it says, "what would liz lemon do" hehe.

this cracked me up, because i look JUST LIKE those people! haha. i get my headphones tangled about 100 times a day. this was cracking me up.

hey, i know you!

i'll post what goodies i get tomorrow!