Saturday, May 2, 2009

better late than never

i don't think i have ever sent something off in the mail on time, ever! in my entire life! this is a habit i really need to break. i joined a friendship bracelet swap on ravelry and we had a month to get our bracelets made and sent off by may 1. and not to outdo myself, i sent mine off today! one day late isn't so bad though, right? :)

we were supposed to make those classic friendship bracelets from back in the day, the ones made with floss (you know which i'm talkin' about!) but i tried and failed at those. :( boo. so i decided to do a knitted version, and i really like them! they are so springy, this pretty much makes them 'one size fits all', which i love.

my partner said she likes jewel tones so i found some colinette and blue moon in my stash that i thought would be perfect. i didn't want to send them off actually! ;) i think i'm going to whip some up for myself, i love the idea of having like 20 on at a time. a sleeve of knitted bracelets! ooooh yeeeeah.

pattern: daria bracelet

yarn: scraps of blue moon fibers arts in rocktober and colinette jitterbug

needle: sz. 2 & 3

started: april 20, 2009

finished: april 20, 2009


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