Tuesday, May 26, 2009

my favorite color

i think i have finally found my favorite color! i've never really had one. well, unless of course black counts, i always want to say it's black but then i think that makes me seem cuckoo....black or grey. :) but i have finally realized my favorite color that is actually a color! and that would be this bright/acid/almost neon yellow. the exact name of this color is lemongrass. i loves it. i once read that yellow is the favorite color of depressed people. o_O weird. i'm not sure i believe that, how about it's the favorite color of people most in touch with their feelings?! ;)

and look who found me while i was taking yarn pictures....it's wednesday!!! that's what i've named her. :) for my love of wednesday addams, and we also met on a wednesday. i know, i'm so creative! hehe.


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