Wednesday, May 13, 2009

namaste, yay!

i just found out my first day back at my old yoga studio will be june 3!!! so, right when i get back to the city! i am so excited. the studio is laughing lotus and it is where i fell in love with yoga. just being there makes me so happy. i can't wait to get back. and free yoga!!! whatwhaaaaaaaaat. yoga is not cheap anywhere, especially in the city. i think classes run about $16 per class (!!!) or about $150 for a month (!!!!) yeah, that is so not in the budget. so i am so very lucky i get to go for free. and trust me, i will be taking full advantage.

yoga is the perfect balance to living in the city. if i didn't have it i'm sure i would be bouncing off the walls. laughing lotus is such a bright, energectic place. it's definitely not your grandma's yoga. ;) here is a peak inside, with the lovely dana teaching my fav. pose, triangle! yum.

i'm really hoping to start teaching once i get back as well. the idea of teaching kind of terrifies me, but i really, really want to do it. the few times i've done it, it starts off crazy scary...and then is just awesome :) so i'll have to get back in the groove. here is me at my yoga school graduation with two of my bestfriends . oh yes, good times were had.



Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

$16./class? WHAAAAT? YIKES

Jess said...

yes! isn't that nuts?! and people pay it. yikes.