Friday, May 8, 2009

old habits dye hard

my room is a total disaster! always has been, but i'm trying to change! seriously. it's kind of hard right now though because i'm trying to pack, get rid of stuff, organize, oh man. organization is key in nyc, being that a person only has about a corner of space to their name. i have to get back into the groove of living in a tiny space. here is what my room here looks like at the moment (i hope you are sitting!). this isn't really my ROOM room, this is just where i keep most of my things. :)

on the knitting front, i got a section of the sisterhood of the traveling scarf! i have to add my section, write my letter and send it on. i'm excited to get my scarf! i think this traveling scarf was a really cool idea, and even though we've had a few hiccups, it's been fun and i can't WAIT to read all the letters that come with my scarf. :)

it was such a nice day today, i didn't do much knitting though. i thought about knitting alot though, so that counts for something! my mom got the two cowls and the gloves i sent her in the mail, and she is still bugging me about the other pair of gloves she wants. what the!? ummm, can you say greedy?! and its like 100 degrees out. i swear, she is insane. aaaaaaanyways, i guess with mother's day around the corner i should zip it.....but seriously folks!

here's the scarf i'll be adding my section to...


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