Wednesday, May 6, 2009

christmas knitting: take 1

nothing too exciting on the knitting front for me, i've been working on this scarf for a few days now. although i like how it is turning out (after 2 false starts) the pattern isn't that exciting. i'm thinking this scarf will be a gift for a dear friend this winter....which friend, i'm not sure. :)

i've been going through alot of my stuff lately, deciding what i want to take with me to ny and what i want to leave/get rid of. i have a habit of actually getting rid of too much. but really, what does a person really need?! my ipod and some sticks and string. if i have those i am all good, oh yeah, and my favorite stuffed animal. :)

i'm planning on bringing a car load of clothes and shoes to good will or salvation army this week. it feels so good to purge things. i love it! i'm resisting buying yarn everday....ok, every minute of everyday! i want to order some more comfy from knitpicks so badly, but i know i have to save my pennies. i want to be able to eat when i get to ny! or at least have a drink.

yay it's wednesday! you know what that means....oh yes....knitting group! love it. and here's my scarf at lunch!



Chimera Crochet said...

If they're size 10 shoes or cute clothes that would fit me (size 10? Largeish?) bring them to knitting! lol

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

too bad I missed out on the purge, I love your style! Dang me being late every time!
Haha, love teh pose your in for showing your scarf!
see you in a week,

Roosdorentje: said...

I like the colour you picked for the scarf!