Friday, May 1, 2009

spring ftw!

i finally got around to having my latest f.o photo shoot, whatwhaaaaaaat! i got a bit distracted though, my bf was 'working' (aka peeking) under his car and wanted me to be on the lookout in case it fell?! what the?! how about you don't get under it if you think it might fall?
anywhos, back to the knitting. i'm in LOVE with this scarf/shawl, it is so soft and just the right size. i also love the kind of cowboy style kerchief. the socks are also really cozy and they actually stay up! and sit back for the photo bonanza!!!!!

pattern: textured shawl recipe

yarn: knit picks comfy in creme brulee

needle: sz.9

started: april 27, 2009

finished: may 1, 2009

so dorky i just had to...


don't mind the wrinkly skirt! :)

pattern: lion brand's thigh high socks

yarn: from someone's ravelry stash (sport weight)

needle: sz.2

started: april 5, 2009

finished: april 24, 2009

and moi, gettin' my yoga on post-photo shoot! :)

peace! <3

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