Saturday, May 23, 2009

it's go time!

i finally started packing! getting all my stuff in boxes and organizing everything has made me realize how much junk i have. i feel like i move quite a bit, at least 4 times in the past 4 if i come across stuff/clothes that i haven't used or worn in the last couple moves, it's time to get rid of it. the majority of my belongings are books and yarn, and it's so hard to get rid of either of those! but i have about two big boxes of each, and i don't think that's asking too much. :)

here is another picture of my room pre-packing and cleaning, yikes!!!

and i found this bag of yarn tag thingies, i kept them to remember washing instructions and contents...but i'm not sure if i should really keep them all. and it's kind of interesting to see all the yarn i've used!

here's the room post-cleaning. pretty good if i do say so myself! there is still alot to be done, but i think that's good for one night.

i can't believe i am going to be back in nyc in exactly one week. i'm so, so sad to be leaving. mainly because my boyfriend will be staying here for at least the next couple months. not to be a total sap, but i'm just so sad to be apart. ooooooh man. i'm sure it will be really hard initially, but will be fine. :)

ok, all that packing has made me so sleeeeepy. nightnight!


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