Friday, May 29, 2009

goodbye nebraska

today the bf and i did so much packing and moving. well, he did alot of moving, i did alot of supervising...but that's tiring too! ;) turns out i have way more stuff than i thought...10 boxes worth of stuff! and i'm leaving it all here. that kind of scares me. i'm only taking 2 suitcases with me...hopefully my stuff will be joining me in nyc along with my bf in august. it didn't help that it was a cool 88 today, yikes! i was sweatin' bullets.

with all the driving back and forth i pretty much finished one mitt in the car. if i ever have a free second, those needles are goin'! ;)

now that the majority of the work is done, i'm beat. my flight is at 5am an hour from i think i'll probably end up staying up all night. i never do plan these things well...oops. :( i'm sad, tired and a little excited (i'm sure i'll be more excited tomorrow).

so goodbye from nebraska!!! next time you see me i'll be back in the big city. :)



susannahbean said...

OH MY GOSH! that snuck up fast... good luck and safe travels, let us know you made it alright!!!

Nutty Knitter said...


Be safe. Miss you...