Monday, May 25, 2009

surprise, surprise kitten surprise!

today was a really bad day to start moving stuff out of the house. luckily, i wasn't doing the moving! hehe. my roomies moved the majority of their furniture out, and it was raining and hot and so humid. i broke a sweat just watching them. i went through more of my things to see what goes and what stays, as you can see, moving is a slow and steady process for me. ;) i like to spread out the fun as much as i can. or i'm just lazy!

in other news, my boyfriend has befriended two stray cats that have come to call our front yard, home. he has never had a cat, and always said he hated cats. and wouldn't ya know, he has totally fallen in love with these kittens. they're pretty cute so it'd be hard not to. however, the place he is moving into can't have cats so he's pretty heartbroken. here are the kitties trying to get inside and join our family.

they are so precious, i'm not really sure what we should do about them. bring them to a shelter? but if they don't get adopted do they put them down? :( here's the bf being all sad that he can't keep them. (p.s don't mind the clutter that is the garage!)

in happier knitting news, i managed to knit the day away even though it was steamin' hot! and you guessed it, more fingerless xmas mitts!!! :) even in xmas colors, i didn't plan that, i swear.

i'm about to catch up on some knitting podcasts and try to do a few more rows before i fall asleep. ;) oh, and if you live in the area and want some adorable, wonderful, totally lovable kitties let me know!



julie said...

I think Lincoln has a no-kill shelter. They keep them until adopted. Lisa Davis probably has the details.

Team Knit ! said...

definitely bring them to a shelter if you can't take them in. I guess you've already asked everyone you know if they are looking for an adorable furry friend? Poor little things, I always feel so badly for stray animals!

- Julie