Friday, May 15, 2009

survivor knitting

my boyfriend and i usually mosey on over to his parent's house on thursdays so we (i) can watch survivor. i love me some survivor! i've become a reality show nut. even though i know the show is about 95% made-up/scripted/bull....i still love it! so last night we headed over there and i worked on bob the blob. that's what i've named william's toy. i figure he can rename it if he'd like, after he can talk. :)

i'm pretty much finished with bob, i just have to sew on the arms, sew the belly button, eyes and teeth on. and stuff him! bob is so soft, he will make such a great little pillow for william when he has those spur of the moment baby naps. :) i even tested him out on my face! aaaah soooo soooooft.

here is maggie watching me take pictures with my knitting. she's so nosy. and i've also found that bob is popular among dogs. maggie tried to steal him twice.

here is bob pre-stuffing.

as you can maybe tell....i'm trying to blog more, my goal is at least every other day! i hope that doesn't mean my posts get boring though. maybe that will motivate me to keep my knitting life exciting! ;)


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Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

I seriuosly can't believe you're done with him. I have maybe worked 15 more rounds since wed. night....
I'm slow, but I LOVVVVVVVVVE knitting in the round--it is addicting!