Tuesday, May 12, 2009


things have been pretty quiet around here lately, at least on the knitting front. this past weekend i think i picked up my knitting maybe once! what the?! usually it's glued to my hands, not sure what my deal was. i'm sure it's the fact that the only thing i really have going (not hibernating at least) is that scarf. oh scarves, i own about 20 and if i had it my way i would have one on year round, but they are so boring! the most boring of the boring!!!

i just bought a toy pattern to knit up for a friend's son. i'm so excited to meet him! he was born after i moved, i got a chance to hang out with him while he was still in the womb so we're not total strangers. :) the pattern is a cute little monster thing, and i'm using some left-over malabrigo. it is going to be oh so soft, i can't wait!

and in other exciting knitting news, i recently found out the apartment i will be subletting is 2 min. away from the yarn tree in brooklyn! ooooh yeeeeah. this could mean trouble.

here's baby will, how can you not LOVE that face! :)



Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

what toy are you knitting up? I have wanted to make some toys--are they fairly easy?

Jess said...

this one looks really easy, and people seem to knit it in a few days, so it sounds good to me! here is the rav. link:

and she has a bunch of other cute little patterns in her etsy shop!