Monday, May 18, 2009

brother love

i finished one panel of my brother's blanket last night while watching the season finale of survivor. wahooooo! and i also finished one of my friend's gloves. :) i was on a roll people! ok i must say, homespun is silky soft. i can't believe it's acrylic! most acrylic hurts my teeth! but not homespun, it's going to be such a snuggly blanket, i can tell.

i measured the panel against a blanket i thought was a good size, and i'll need about 5 more panels. the fact that they only take a couple days of (non-stop) knitting doesn't really mean anything though. i have a habit of setting projects down, never to be picked up again! ;)

i have never knit anything for this brother. i have knit a couple things for my youngest brother, all of which he has somehow demolished. don't ask. it was really hard to find a good picture of adam, i think my family has a habit of looking pretty crazy in pictures. ;) i found a nice one of him playing the guitar...

and us as wee hilarious is that? it cracks me up every time. check out those cheeks!

and his panel



Shawn said...

Aren't you two cute? I love the photo. And I am sure that your brother will enjoy his blanket.

Keep on knitting!

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

holy COW you had LONG hair for being so young!