Saturday, May 16, 2009

wip round-up

in the last 24 hours i have cast-on for two new projects. yikes! hehe. my brother will be graduating from college next month, and i thought it would be a great idea to knit him a blanket. ya know, with it being almost summer and all ;) i really think he'll appreciate it, and hopefully it will be something he keeps for a long time. i hope he thinks of me whenever he uses it. i don't really get to see my family that much, them being in michigan and all. i see them about once a year, maybe twice. at first it was really, really hard being so far away, but i've gotten really used to it. i'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. :)
anywho's i decided to make him the cable comfort throw. it calls for lion brand thick & quick, which i was going to use, but it seems there are never enough skeins of one color that i want. so i decided to use lion brand homespun instead. oh man, i'm beginning to think that might not have been such a hot idea. homespun is kind of a nightmare to knit with, the stitches are hard to see and it doesn't help that i picked a dark charcoal color. but it is sooooo soft, and i know i'll be happy i gave him something machine washable. the blanket is knit in panels and i'm about halfway done with the first of five panels.
i also cast-on for some fingerless gloves for a friend in nyc. my good friend, patrice, has been running around town doing all my dirty work. :) she has gone and met with my future roomies, checked out the place, it's been such a big help. i feel so much better knowing the place and the people have her approval. so i'm going to knit her a little gift!
i cut out the felt eyes and mouth for bob the blob, i just need to glue them on. i decided not to use safety eyes, even though i think they would look better. the eyes i found at joann's had a warning for kids and i just don't want to risk it.
here are my works in progress posing on the floor, there is also my mom's blanket (for xmas) and that sweater i was working on once upon a time. ;) the dark grey is the panel, the little grey thing at the bottom are the gloves and there's bob!

perhaps my knitting eyes are bigger than my stomach?


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