Saturday, May 23, 2009

last day of work!!!

wahoo! yesterday was my last day of work! i shouldn't be all that excited, i'm technically unemployed now (yikes!) i do have yoga, but that's only part-time. i really enjoyed the ladies i worked with, but the job was just pretty boring, and 7 months was long enough. :p

i got a start on my xmas mitts (even knit a little at my desk, shhh). i fear this may turn into a blog about all these mitts i'm knitting, i'll try not to let that happen! but i do want to show my progress. :) here are annmarie's, the color is so much prettier in person than on the knitpicks website. there are so many colors intertwined, lovely!

so pretty!

the best thing about these mitts is they take a couple days to make, i could probably finish them all a couple months before xmas...but i'm not taking any chances!

after work i celebrated with a margarita! i tried to find one the size of my head, but this one had to do. ;)


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susannahbean said...

Pretty! I love that color. And also? SUPER jealous of that margarita. <3